Damien Hirst Celebrates Valentine’s Day Creating Big Love With Diamond Dust

Big Love, Diamond Dust by Damien Hirst
Big Love, Diamond Dust by Damien Hirst Damien Hirst, a controversy artist surprised everyone launching Big Love with Diamond Dust, specially for Valentine’s day. He is known as outrage artist with his work of dead animals preserved in formaldehyde, live butterflies, preserved fish.¬†After giving the world some admirable art work like Tranquility, painted piano and world’s most expensive tire cover he shoked all of us falling into romantic space. In his style Damien Hirst has come up with Big Love, Diamond Dust, a 1524 x 1524 mm wide silkscreen print that is accented with diamond dust, especially designed for his fan club. This work of art will cost you ¬£20,000 (aprox. $32,300) and it is limited to 50 pieces. All of us who like Damien Hirst work art, let’s celebrate Valentine’s day in his style. [Other Criteria]

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