Automobili Lamborghini Wave Tenjin 2 by Mizuno

How fast are you willing to go? Automobili Lamborghini Wave Tenjin 2 by Mizuno running shoes are the result of the sharing of innovation, design and craftsmanship values of these two top brands. The new Wave Tenjin 2 is the evolution of a successful limitless performance. While the Smooth Ride insole converts weight into energy, stability is improved by a new design of the base, a mix of rubber and carbon fibre, which maximises performance of the X10.

Wave Tenjin 2 by Mizuno

The design inspired by the Aventador rear window and the iconic hexagon pattern enhance their power whilst improving the dispersion of perspiration. Available in three colorways: navy/gold, black/red and gray/silver, this hi-tech shoe that evokes the style of the Lamborghini supercars can be yours for $406.

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