Krug Carnotzet – Ultimate Luxury Diner In Special Cage

To take Cinderella in her coach for a meal, it’s done! Champagne house Krug teamed up with Lausanne Palace in Switzerland to offer you an evening to remember. Enjoy an ultimate luxury diner in a very exceptional place. Called the Krug Carnotzet (carnotzet – an expression commonly used in Romandie to describe a small cellar, in which the wine is stored), this bubble of wood, located between the main street and the hotel, can accommodate up to 4 guests in a cozy and warm setting.

Krug Carnotzet

Once inside, 3 formulas are proposed, all accompanied by a bottle of Krug: – Chef Edgard’s Tapas selection – The sushi selection of the Sushi Zen Masters of the Palace – A half and half fondue with black truffle Don’t wait any longer to live you a fairy moment, since the Lausanne Palace welcomes the Carnotzet Krug until mid-April.

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