MCT Dodekal One D110 With New Manufacture Movement

A brand like MCT doesn’t introduce an entirely new model often. Their watches are highly complicated and the brand itself relatively small. In 2007, Denis Giguet first launched the MCT Sequential One. Now, to mark its tenth anniversary, MCT presents the Dodekal One, the first mechanical watch featuring an innovative digital hours display in the centre of the dial. One of the focal points of MCT was to make this watch very robust and reliable. They achieved this by guiding the different parts that indicate the correct hour by a plate underneath the display.

MCT Dodekal One D110

As complex as the Dodekal One D110 is, so easy is it to read the time. An hour in the middle, and a red hand moving around it to indicate the minutes. MCT continued this simplicity into the rest of the design of the watch. The digital hour display is placed in something that resemblance a port hole, connected cross ways to the case of the watch. The 43mm cushion case is quite large, but MCT uses all this real estate in a beautiful way, and short lugs increase the level of wearing comfort.

MCT Dodekal One D110

Marking the 10th anniversary of MCT, the case of the Dodekal One is clearly inspired by that of the first Sequential One, while incorporating updated design features notably including more seamlessly integrated curving lugs. Talking about those lugs: they are slightly bent and twisted, much like the elegant lugs that grace watches in the 1950’s. It does not make the Dodekal One D110 classic, vintage or even retro, but just adds yet another nice detail to a very impressive watch.

MCT Dodekal One D110

Of course, the movement is made completely in-house by MCT and features a micro-rotor, crafted from 18K gold, and providing the watch with a power reserve of 50 hours. Two 25-piece limited series are planned for the Doodekal One, priced at CHF 55,000 for the titanium version and CHF 65,000 for the black and gold version. And the very mention of the word One implies the possibility of Two!

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