The Rarest Among The Rare – There Are Only 2 Such McLaren Cars

With 106 units produced, of which 64 can be legally driven on public roads, the classic McLaren F1 is certainly a very rare sight on the roads. However, a copy that the company has chosen to present to the public on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the launch of F1 is outstanding – one of only two such in the world. It is a car with a specific aerodynamic add-ons that enhance vehicle stability at high speeds. Compared to the regular version, this F1 has a separate, fixed rear spoiler, massive front splitter, as well as some minor additions on the front of the body.

McLaren F1

In addition, the car has a larger standard wheels, revised suspension and more importantly, modified racing engine with LM specifications that rotate 1,000rpm more more than “ordinary” V12 and delivers 680HP. The owner of this remarkable McLaren F1 is Andrew Bagnall, a New Zealand businessman and amateur racing driver. His minion has a chassis with the number 18, but unlike many collectors of classic supersport car, Andrew his McLaren F1 drive at least once a month – and says he enjoys it. This New Zealander in his garage has a new McLaren P1 model, but claims that a classic F1 is much better.

McLaren F1

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