Would You Pay $12,000 For Marc Newson’s Hourglass?

When you are Apple designer and your name is Marc Newson, you can create simple hourglass that retails for $12,000. He just did it, so if you’ve got $12,000 to blow and already own every Apple product under the sun, you can now buy this impeccably sophisticated hourglass to fill the void in your life. Only 100 are being made. Each is custom created in a glass factory. The hourglass is filled with 1,249,996 “nanoballs” that are 0.66mm in diameter and made of solid stainless steel coated in copper. The hourglass and this nanoballs keep ten minutes’ worth of time.

Marc Newson’s Hourglass

Hodinkee’s description of the hourglass includes such gems as this: “Each custom-fitted orange foam box also contains a leather coaster on which you should always set the Hourglass to avoid scratching it. Likewise, there is a pair of white gloves in each package, and we suggest using them to avoid leaving fingerprints.” I’m sorry, I’m still not interested.

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