Mysterious Island That Can Visit 1,000 People Annually

Islan of Monte Cristo in the Mediterranean Sea is not easy to visit. Since 2008, when it is open to the public, only 1,000 tourists per year can visit it. Tourist tour takes 6 hours, and curious visitors can visit the Royal Villa from the 19th century, the Botanical Garden, the Natural History Museum and walk through the three trails around the island. In this natural reserve you can see some rare or endangered species of plant and animal life, and enjoy peace and quiet. Activities like swimming, fishing, camping or nights are forbidden.

Islan of Monte Cristo

In the 19th century, the island was made famous by the great French writer Alexander Dumas who in his novel Count of Monte Cristo mentions the legend of buried treasure. Although the legend still lives, people today come to visit Monte Cristo for other reasons: to enjoy the unforgettable view of the sea and the unique living world of the island. The cost of visiting this national park in the Tuscan archipelago is 50 euros per person, and the waiting list is rather long. For example, if you register now, you will most likely have to wait until 2019.

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