Favorite Perfume Like Luxury Necklace

Jewelry and perfumes have an enchanting ability to evoke memories and invite sentimentality, nostalgia and romance. This notion of human emotions when jewelry and perfumes are combined, inspired contemporary jewelry designers to awaken the ancient tradition of wearing fragrances in precious bottles like necklaces. New York born, London-based jewellery designer Diane Kordas says: “I’ve always wanted to create a collection that will be close to my heart.” She definitely succeeded in that because Amulette collection of gold, onyx and diamond perfume bottles that are worn as necklaces are seling at a price of $3,800.

Amulette Collection

Buddha Mama jewelry is an excellent indicator that jewelry and perfumes agree like sentimentality and nostalgia. Designer Dakota Badia created her exotically oriental collection of perfume jewelry as a manner of paying homage to “the funky atomizers on the vanities” of her mother and grandmother which she constantly admired while growing up. Badia presents her perfume at $37,800 in a 144-carat cacholong opal decorated with enameled, diamond-set lucky symbols, which include a dream catcher, four leaf clover, and horseshoe.

Amulette Collection

Designer from Los Angeles, Jacquie Aiche creates jewelry with perfume bottles of lapis and turquoise. Jackie says she chooses this combination of stones precisely because it has a recognizable spiritual significance. According to Aiche, lapis inspire creative expression, while Turquoise has healing powers. She says that the spiritual power of this jewelry increases if you wear your favorite aromatherapy oil in them. “Similar to gemstone energy, aromatherapy works on the mind, body and spirit to improve your health and restore your balance.” This spiritually intriguing jewelry containing perfumes which cost $2,965 is an ideal way to wear a necklace near the heart and improve your energy.

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