Luxury Underwater Dubai Mansions On Sale For £2.5 Million

In the clear-blue waters off the coast of Dubai lies a chain of islands known as The Heart of Europe. Its very first $2.8 million floating home, the aptly named “The Floating Seahorse,” was unveiled last year. Having successfully sold out phase one and two of The Floating Seahorse in just eight months, The Heart of Europe is proud to launch the third phase! The Tzar Edition of The Floating Seahorse is the third phase of Seahorses available at The Heart of Europe. The Tzar Edition will be located on St Petersburg Island which is designed in the shape of a heart and takes inspiration from The Maldives. St Petersburg Island will be a charming vacation retreat, home to white sandy beaches, a large infinity pool, shallow lagoons, lush tropical gardens and an exclusive restaurant and bar.

The Tzar Edition of The Floating Seahorse

Now, this upgraded villas will have three levels and four sleeping areas, which can be changed according to the wishes.The ground floor, which features a master bedroom and entertainment room, is completely submerged under water, offering a view of a ‘coral reef garden’. The living areas in the underwater level alone spans 861 sq ft while the coral garden spreads across 600 sq ft. The villas are expected to cost between £2,15 million and £2,5million.

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