Caviar Released Special Nokia 3310 Bitcoin

Jewelry brand Caviar has presented a collection Tesoro (Treasure) on the basis of a budget phone Nokia 3310. When designing the furnish phones Tesoro designers were inspired by the currencies of the world. In addition to the models with the symbols of the ruble, Euro and yuan, and Tesoro released Bitcoin. The design of the device can be called classical – a black titanium case of a button phone, gold elements, impressive with sunshine – all that we like, no matter what currency fluctuations, inflation and other troubles of the turbulent world of finance.

Caviar Nokia 3310 Bitcoin

This phone will be a wonderful gift for a person who not only knows how to earn money, but also knows how to treat them correctly – with respect and at the same time – with a bit of irony. As they say, happiness is not in money. You know the continuation of this phrase. The price of these modifications is absolutely appropriate – 120,000 rubles ($2,070).

Caviar Nokia 3310 Bitcoin

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