Luxurious Villa In The Heart Of Dubai

For all those who wanted to move to Dubai at some point, now is the right time! If you are wondering why, the answer is very simple: for sale is a luxury villa of 3 thousand square meters that can become your ideal new home. With seven spacious rooms, the same number of bathrooms and a land that occupies an area of 3,530 square meters, this villa in the center of Dubai is all just not ordinary.

Emirates Hills Villa

The villa is located in Emirates Hills, immediately after E sector and at the very end of two large golf courses. Nearby is also tennis courts, a swimming pool, a children’s playground, a health club, and a shopping area. Due to the size and content of its property (pool with controlled water temperature, arranged gardens, roof terrace with bar and food preparation and jacuzzi), the villa can be considered a great luxury residence.

Emirates Hills Villa

Due to its location, the villa is (as well as the entire settlement) under high security, so security is guaranteed here. The interior of the villa exudes elegance and glamor. It is richly decorated in light saturated colors, filled with custom made French furniture, while every interior finishing material used is directly imported from Europe.

Emirates Hills Villa

The city center is only 12 minutes away from the villa, which means that its future tenants will never be bored. The price of this luxury villa is $34 million, which is not much given that it offers endless opportunities for future owners …

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