Private Paradise In The Bahamas

This private bay in the Bahamas, located in the Abaco Sea is a dream come true… Named Foot’s Cay, this beautiful private island is the very essence of luxury life on the island, with a charming four bedroom apartment, rounded ceilings, massive doors and stone floors. There are various verandas where you can dine, relax and absorb all the power of the nature of your surroundings. With premium devices, modern luxuries and a beautifully designed interior, this spectacular setting seems to have come out of a fairy tale, but it actually represents only one part of the package.

Foot’s Cay

On this island you will find a beautiful house for guests with three bedrooms in the beautiful Bahama style, with cypress and terracotta floors. These houses are located on the southeast side of the island, giving owners and their guests the opportunity to enjoy the pleasant shade all day long. The eastern part of the island has its own small hidden beach, while on the western part there is a larger seafront beach ideal for enjoying the sunsets. Here is another cottage for guests with two bedrooms, which will make their stay on this island unforgettable.

Foot’s Cay

Luxury property also has its own tennis court with a loggia and a view of the western beach, and there is also modern exercise equipment, gourmet cuisine and a cozy bar area to relax and make everyone happy. Additional amenities include two large docks on both sides of the island, an autonomous generator, a water purification system and much more. Practically everything you think about here can be found. Now feel free to relax and imagine that your life on this site will look like, until you have $16 million, how much you need to buy this little private paradise.

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