Modified Rolls-Royce Dawn From Japan

Rolls-Royce models are pretty rare on the road. The manufacturer whose name we most often associate with nobility and lords sold only slightly more than 3 thousand copies last year. Of course, it’s a great sales success for a British brand, but we’re still talking about exclusive specimens. However, there are owners to whom that obviously isn’t enough. Manabu Goto from Japan is definitely among them. He estimated that his Dawn was “too ordinary,” so he decided to go into the process of visual tuning so that his copy would always be at the center of attention.

Rolls-Royce Dawn

The first is embedded a body kit with the signature of the Japanese tuner Walda. Goto then decided to lower the car and put it on (too high) 24-inch (!) Forgiatto Troppo rims. Because of these finishes, Rolls surely lost comfort, but obviously this eccentric does not have a problem with that.

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