Tokyo’s $180 Wagyu Beef Sandwich Coming To NYC

A beef-cutlet sandwich normally costs you about $5 in Japan. Tokyo restaurant Wagyumafia, however, is luring affluent tourists from all over the world with a $180 sandwich. And now, the two-year company plans to opent a butcher shop in New York, despite earlier hints that it will be in San Francisco. Hisato Hamada has confirmed the opening of the New York outpost of his restaurant, but details are still slim about location.

Wagyu Beef Sandwich

However, $180 Wagyu Beef Sandwich is made of esteemed (and expensive) Japanese beef, breaded, fried, and the served on a toasted white bread with soy and vinegar sauce. Wagyu katsu sandos in general are a growing trend in Japan, where it’s been popping off on Instagram for about four years. Here in New York, Uchu has been offering a version of it as part of a $200 tasting menu.

Wagyu Beef Sandwich

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