Nike’s Epic React Flyknit Running Shoes With ‘React’ Technology

Nike unveiled a new running shoe designed to give athletes more spring in their step. When Nike asked runners what they wanted out of their running shoes, they got very specific answers: They said they wanted better cushioning, better energy return, to be lightweight and to last too.The tricky thing is that these four qualities are incredibly difficult to deliver in one material because they’re opposites.

Nike Epic React Flyknit

To unearth its composition, Nike’s in-house chemists and mechanical engineers at the Nike Sports Research Lab collaborated to discover which ingredients would produce the optimal outcome. After over 400 combinations of chemistry and processing and 2,000 hours of testing, the foam’s framework was finalized and integrated. Overall, Nike React’s unique composition consists of soft material for lightweight cushioning, and hard material to provide energy return and durability, the company stated. The last piece of the puzzle: The athletes had to love it. Elite and everyday runners tested Nike React technology in more than 17,000 miles of running, which converts to more than 27,300 kilometers. The Nike Epic React Flyknit, which officially goes on sale Feb. 22, features Nike React, and the company is counting on the shoe appealing to a variety of runners, whether they’re trying out for their high school track team or competing for a spot in the Olympics.

Nike Epic React Flyknit

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