$3,000 Facial Treatment At Peninsula New York Spa

Peninsula New York introduces their new (uber-luxurious) anti-aging facial, which is being offered until the end of the month (Until March 30, to be exact.) The hotel is commemorating their 30th anniversary and the Peninsula Spa’s Medical Beauty Research Age-Defying Customized Facial is part of the festivities for any guest who wants to celebrate and will to pay $3,000 for that pleasure. The treatment includes four MBR enhancements, each one spread over 15 minutes. A Cell-Power Bust Up Concentrate encourages skin elasticity, while the Executive Gel Mask aims to improve the lipid barrier on the skin and smooth its surface.

Peninsula New York

Guests can also treat themselves to a hand treatment or foot therapy that treats hyperpigmentation and heaviness of the limbs. Medical Beauty Research, or MBR, is a German brand using patented technology that extracts high concentrations of medical-grade ingredients to treat below the surface – to restore elasticity in your complexion, so the price tag comes from the their products Guests enjoying this treatment get to take home a 1.7 ounce bottle of MBR’s Liquid Surgery Serum which claims to rejuvenate cell metabolism and aids in improving the appearance of wrinkles which itself is worth $1,724.

Peninsula New York

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