This Jumpsuit Made Of Swarovski Crystals Will Cost You $25,000

As a new crative director of Juicy Couture, Jamie Mizrahi introduced an exclusive Swarovski crystal studded collection. Some might say it’s already seen, but one particular item takes the throwback trend to a whole other level. Behold, a Juicy Couture jumpsuit covered in Swarovski crystals, which is expected to retail for $25,670. The sixteen piece collection also includes tracksuits, jumpsuits, shorts and crop tops, all finished with Juicy Couture’s signature logo.

Jumpsuit Made Of Swarovski Crystals

But if your shopping budget doesn’t allow this splurge, then maybe you can opt for pair of Swarovski-embellished shorts which will set you back $2,663 or you might prefer the baby pink hoodie at $1,403. If the money isn’t problem, there is the option to customise each piece with your name on the back, for an extra money of course.

Jumpsuit Made Of Swarovski Crystals

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