Ray-Ban 24k Gold Aviators – Only 500 Pairs Available

Ray-Ban decided to rejoice their most ardent fans with new bold look this Summer, unveiling Wings 24-Carat Gold Aviators. Flashing an extravagant 24 carat gold-plated lens and an iconic ‘80s look, this super sunglasses are limited to only 500 pieces worldwide. The Wings also feature engraved lens logo and gold plated flat bridge and temples to frame the fearless attitude of high-profile players.

Ray-Ban 24k Gold Aviators

A super light nose pad holds the gold-plated shield lens, giving a dynamic style to the ones who are never afraid to cut and run. According to Ray-Ban’s official site, Wings 24-Carat Gold Limited Edition is sold out despite the price of $518, but you can still try your luck in one of their stores in NY (Soho) and LA (The Grove Mall).

Ray-Ban 24k Gold Aviators

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