Roberto Cavalli’s Animal Print Easter Eggs

Animal Print Easter Eggs by Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli’s Animal Print Easter Eggs As Easter is closer, many are competing to create the more original and more luxurious Eggs. Roberto Cavalli opted for animal motifs for the eggs, that appeared for sale at Caffe Giacosa. Roberto Cavalli’s Easter Eggs are made of white and dark chocolate. Cavalli has created three chocolate Easter eggs. They include a giraffe patterned milk and white chocolate egg, zebra patterned dark and white chocolate eggs and zebra patterned white and dark chocolate easter egg. Each of these amazing eggs weighs 140gr, and can be yours for €49 ($70). Casa Giacosa, founded in 1815 is wide manufacturer of wine, sweets and pastries. This Caffe Giacosa, owned by Roberto Cavalli includes also restaurant, tea room and chocolate factory. This antique shop boasted of having invented the famous Negroni cocktail at the beginning of the last century. Inspired by a strong desire to keep the antique architectural solutions intact, as well as the magic atmosphere of the era, Roberto Cavalli has conserved not only the padded elegance of the setting, but also the cordial waiters who today welcome habitués and newcomers with great courtesy and savoir faire. [Caffe Giacosa]
Boutique Cioccolate Cavalli

Boutique Cioccolate Cavalli

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