Blloc – World’s Best Smartphone You’ve Never Heard Of

As a minimalist smartphone that combines an operating system that saves a battery with efficient hardware and intuitive messaging platforms, Blloc is created as the perfect communication and productivity tool … Since launching Nokia Matrix and Light Phone 2, new Blloc smartphone is the latest and probably the best phone that uses minimalism as a technology. Designed to minimize distraction and obsession with curved screens, Bloc smartphone still contains your favorite features, but maximizes its performance and functionality.


One of its main features is a redesigned OS that saves a battery that has a longer life than conventional phones with ordinary OS. Moreover, the battery of this model has a capacity of 3100 mAh and has the option of fast charging, which is certainly plus for all people who are constantly on the move. Designed to work perfectly in a monochrome manner, this phone saves an incredible amount of power by presenting everything in gray tones – however, if you want to see colors on footage, images, sites and the like, simply touching the finger on the sensor will give the LCD screen full color spectrum.


A key feature of this model, called Root, is what Blloc sees as a home screen. Here are all essential applications and your phone’s needs – e-mails, weather forecasts, folders, WhatsApp or Spotify. This simple OS does not have much detail that will distract you by emitting light colors, numbers, banners and notifications. Whatever task it is to get, Bloc functions are designed to run it smoothly and simultaneously. In addition to all this, this smartphone comes with an incredible 13-megapixel camera, with a dual setup that can make 4K video at 30fps.


Also, this model has 64 GB of storage space, enabled Bluetooth and USB Type C connections. In accordance with this concept, even the packaging of this phone is minimalist. This smartphone can already be ordered now, but for its price you have to contact the official manufacturers.

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