Would You Pay $22,000 For Solid Gold Mega Man Figure?

Mega Man turned 30 last year, and Capcom celebrated in many ways, from collections of all Mega Man and Mega Man X games, to Mega Man 11. But their most luxury and extravagant piece in honor of this anniversary is definitely this solid gold Mega-Man figure, priced at 2.4 million yen (almost $22,000)! This precious statute is is 3.2 ounces of gold and just about four inches tall. Of course the statue comes in a fancy glass case stuffed into another fancy box.

Gold Mega Man Figure

For all those with somewhat modest income Capcom prepared a 0.7-ounce, 2.3-inch also solid gold version for only 690,000 yen or $6,227. Are you willing to pay so much?

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