Do You Have Proper Gloves?

Experts from the Swedish brand Hestra, who are engaged in the production of gloves, claim that you must own a collection of gloves just like a shoe collection. When it comes to winter clothing, gloves are probably part of accessories, which you do not even think about. You put them in your pocket as long as you do not need them, you are negligent towards them, and often happens to necessarily lose one. However, the Swedish family brand Hestra that produces fine leather gloves since 1936 uses the same techniques for thinning the leather and processing and tackling wool and fur coats today, just as they did more than 80 years ago.

Hestra Gloves

“Take a look at your own shoe collection,” explains Niklas Magnusson, a master of glove design and a member of the 4th generation of the Hestra family. “I bet you have shoes for every opportunity. We believe gloves should be treated the same way.” Simply put, you should not clean the snow from your approach in the same pair that you plan to wear between the meetings later that afternoon. Of course, gloves made of carpincho nubuk leather set with cashmere must be used for less practical activities. The need for a different type of dressing requires the wearing of different glove styles, so such a balance creates Hestra more than four generations. All of their styles include table cut, Sport Classic and slim models. Styles are handmade in Hungary, following the northern European tradition. Some models of gloves are made from deer skin, skin of loose or sheepskins to ensure that such gloves protect you from cold and at very low temperatures below the zero, while the finer glove models are made from the skin of a South American dwarf rodent or from a wild boar skin that lives in the Amazon jungle. This skin of rodent and wild boar is extremely rare and has a rich and beautiful structure. Robust wool, ultra-hot fur rabbits and ribbed cashmere adorn both formal and ginger styles of gloves making them comfortable for the hand of the bearer. Combined with unique colored skin, they become a functional and inevitable fashion detail.

Hestra Gloves

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