Diamond Knife That Costs More Than Porsche


There are certain things that can define luxury, and above them is this platinum knife, with a price of $150,000, which transfers the whole story to a completely new level …
The knife we ​​talk about can easily be called the most expensive in the world. Its name is Platinum Mamba, and it comes decorated with diamonds, with an incredible body of platinum. It is among the experts known as “a knife that is more resistant than any steel variant”, and was created after Rob Bianchin, the founder and CEO of Cabot Guns Company, invited Italian blademaker Alessandro Colombatto the director of Sandrin Knives, with a vision of creating a knife that nobody can buy.

Platinum Mamba

Named after the dangerous and exotic species of Mamba snake, this knife is one of the most attractive and expensive items we’ve seen in the near future. It boasts 320 diamonds that carry a total of 14.17 carats, and it was created using high quality black jade and carbide.
Commenting on the uniqueness of the knife, Colombatto stated: “The desire to possess an object that is rare, beautiful and useful as Platinum Mamba is deeply rooted in the human soul; It is an instinct that exists since the creation of man. The real idea was the production of a unique knife that cuts records, which is an embodiment of adventure through the world of art and science.”
So, an ultra-luxurious Platinum Mamba knife will cost you $150,000 and it can be purchased by applying to Sandrin Knives website.

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