First Rolex Model With Tourbillon


Grand Complications were never unique to the Rolex brand, as long as Label Noir did not produce this Rolex Milgauss with a tourbillon, confirming once again that personalization is the main trend of watchmaking …
Except if there is no historical information that has not been discovered before, Rolex, in all likelihood, has never produced tourbillon watch before. However, some enthusiasts who are not ashamed of anything, such as watchmaker Emmanuel Curtis, CEO of Label Noir, who is fully committed to personalizing, set himself the challenge of filling this gap.


What enhances the appeal of this challenge and approach is the fact that Emmanuel Curtis never even thought of replacing the original Milgauss caliber he got from his client, a turbine that is compatible with the available space. The idea was based on keeping original components as much as possible. Consequently, it was necessary to process the stand of the mechanism, which still contained its own factory number.
Then, the heart of the watch had to be pulled out, with its spring, in order to replace the turbine cage as a new regulatory body. Of course, the operation created the right challenges when connecting. A micromechanical operation was necessary to open the window in the dial, while at the same time indexes and initial inscriptions are kept as they are.
The end result is the first Rolex replica that hides the tourbillon inside – something that has not been seen before!

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