Gucci Clown Shoes Will Cost You $700


Not everyone can understand fashion…
Nevertheless, sometimes even those who are not familiar see a clear distinction between what is worn and what is not. In all likelihood, the renowned fashion brand Gucci loses touch with reality when it comes to this subject, as they have almost presented something that has proven to be the biggest fashion mistake ever. These are new Clown Shoes that this brand sells at a crazy price of $700.

Clown Shoes

The beige colored footwear for men comes with a red toe and trainer toggles and features the Gucci logo emblazoned on a less than impressive Velcro strap. It is made from leather, neoprene, rubber, and mesh and is also available in a female version in crimson-gold.
And while the Gucci brand expected incredible sales of its novelty, the fans reacted quite the opposite. One Twitter user wrote a comment: “Perhaps to be poor is not so bad,” while another mused – “Shoes for the money needs to be equipped with a dual missile turbostroitel”
This is not the first time that the famous brand got a bad answer because of its strange taste. In March of this year, they presented a pair of sneakers called “Dirty Sneakers”, at a price of $870, which, almost immediately after the appearance, became the subject of ridiculing.

Clown Shoes

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