$40,000 Limited Edition Swarovski Studded Cinderella Castle


Every eligible maiden who ever dreamed of snaring a prince with a glass slipper can now have her castle! But for the price of $37,500. This limited-edition Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle sculpture made by Arribas Brothers is covered in thousands of Swarovski crystals and is fit for a real-life princess.
This bedazzled and blinged-out Cinderella’s castle is detailed in hand-enameled metal and set with 28,255 Swarovski crystals.

Cinderella Castle

Inspired by the beloved Magic Kingdom icon at Walt Disney World, Cinderella Castle by Arribas Brothers arrives in custom metal case with Certificate of Authenticity.
Disney collector’s dream come true. Just in case you have $37,500 to spare.

Cinderella Castle

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