Gigantic Yacht Owned by Microsoft Cofounder On Sale


If you like the more luxurious side of life, especially yachts, here’s the right offer for you…
Microsoft Cofounder Paul Allen’s yacht which is 414 feet long and 126 meters long, is available for purchase, and boaters will hardly be able to resist this offer. The spacious ship can currently be purchased at a cost of €295 million.
Called Octopus, the yacht consists of eight decks, which in some ways inspired its name. Its design is the work of nautical architect Espen Oin and Jonathan Quinn Barrett, and offers ample space for twenty-six guests in thirteen cabins as well as a crew space of sixty members.


The luxury yacht also has an impressive range of 12,500 nautical miles when sailing at 12 knots, as well as a pair of ABB Industry AG E-hybrid engines that give it enviable power.
As expected, Octopus Yacht comes with several amenities, in the form of a helipad and hangar space for two helicopters, a cinema, a basketball court, a club, a Jacuzzi tub, a spacious pool, a library, a gym, a luxury kitchen with a pizza oven, a recording studio and observational glass-bottomed lodges from which guests can enjoy views of the underwater world.
There is also a dive center with a hyperbaric chamber, along with a club and bar located on the side. When looking at this yacht, we can conclude that living in the open air does not sound like a bad idea.

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