How To Spoil Your Child? Buy Him €30,000 Toy!


If their wealthy parents already enjoy expensive old-timers, then why should their children be denied such an experience.
At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Bugatti announced the Baby II electric car in the form of a 3D printed model. That was enough to sell all 500 planned production copies in just three weeks.
Yes, it is a children’s toy, for which the mentioned five hundred customers have splashed out €30,000 each. Baby II was part of the 110th anniversary of Bugatti and was developed in conjunction with Little Car Company.
Each part of the original 1924 Type 35 Lyon Grand Prix was digitally scanned to make a 3/4 replica of this old-timer, and given its size, it can be driven by adults as well.

Baby II

Replica suspension and steering system stand out in some details, with Michelin tires on the alloy wheels.
The pedal position is adjustable, and the aluminum cockpit comes with Bugatti instruments including a speedometer, battery status indicator and current powertrain similar to those in Chiron and Veyron. Also, there is a forward/reverse switch.
Standard equipment is the horn (car horn), rearview mirror, parking brake, and there is a remote control that allows the parent to switch off vehicles when needed.
This vehicle uses an electric propulsion system with lithium-ion batteries and a regenerative braking system.
As Baby II is primarily intended for children, the power of its propulsion system can be adjusted to the driver. In other words, there are two modes.
The first is a children’s mode with a power of 1 kW and the second is for adults with a power of 4 kW. In the first the top speed is 20 km/h and in the second 45 km/h.
Each car specimen comes with two sets of removable batteries. The first is 1.4 kWh and the second is 2.8 kWh.
With other batteries, the autonomy of driving the Bugatti Baby II is above 30 km.
If you still want to spoil your kid (or yourself) and weren’t quick enough to get on the list of five hundred customers, Bugatti invites you to sign up anyway.

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