Enjoy Whole New Dimension Of Luxury Holidays In The Maldives


The time spent on the beach is well spent, which is why a vacation of this type is always a good idea.
But how much of the same sun and sand routine can you really stand? Fortunately, Jumeirah Vittaveli Hotel in the Maldives changes things for as much fun as possible. This will include 25.6 meters of private space, whale diving, endless ocean views and more.

Jumeirah Vittaveli Hotel

Now, with a new hotel offering, you can explore the hidden treasures of the Maldives. With MY Vittaveli, you get the opportunity to cruise an Azimut superyacht that accommodates up to eight guests for overnight stays, or up to 20 guests for leisurely day cruises.
Don’t take the word superyacht lightly, because it has everything that can come to mind and more, which makes it really cool.

Jumeirah Vittaveli Hotel

The superyacht MY Vittaveli has three four-deck Jacuzzi decks on the upper deck, wooden elements that adorn the two main cabins and two twin cabins in particular, along with cherry wood elements and Italian marble in all bathrooms, in addition to the hot tub for massage and Hermes amenities.
This outing is only related to Hollywood A-list stars or the incredibly wealthy people who own their own yachts that give them the opportunity to simply enjoy their champagne under the hot sun, because where else is they going to do it?

Jumeirah Vittaveli Hotel

If you are staying in Jumeirah Vittaveli, you are no longer limited to just land based accommodation, but you can experience at first hand at least a fraction of the lives of those we describe as ultra-rich. If your idea of an ideal vacation includes enjoying the land and staying on the water, exploring Ari Atoll, snorkeling or fishing in the traditional Maldivian way, you should definitely visit this hotel.

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