$133,000 Customized iPhone 11 Pro In Honor of the Birth of Jesus


When it comes to luxury phones with an incredible price who would be other than the Russian company Caviar. Their latest creation celebrates Christmas as one of the most anticipated holidays for many people all over the world and the birth of Jesus Christ.
As an expression of special respect to this holy day, Caviar creates the only iPhone in the body of 750-content gold in the world.

iPhone 11 Pro

In the center of the composition, there is a shining diamond of 3 carats that symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem guiding the Magi to the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Eight small diamonds echoing the star endings frame it.

iPhone 11 Pro

The lower part of the body is adorned by a gold bas-relief with the scene of Jesus’ birth.
Only available in 512GB configuration, the iPhone 11 Pro Max sits at $144,980 while the Phone 11 Pro variant costs just $132,840.

iPhone 11 Pro

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