Morgan Marked The Anniversary With Special Models


British sports car manufacturer Morgan has unveiled a special collection of five models made on the occasion of a 60-year partnership with Dutch dealer Louwman Exclusive.
The collection is made up of four new Plus Six roadsters and one 3 Wheeler, and the cars feature unique design elements and references to the partnership, a demonstration of Morgan’s custom car customization program.

Morgan Models

There are two topics for the Plus Six. The first is a pastel blue body color contrasted with black rims, yellow brake calipers and a combination of matching yellow elements on the bonnet. The cabin has black leather contrasting with the yellow seams of the diamond pattern and there are special markings on the wooden center console. It is also the only wooden element on this car.
The second theme is more retro-style and consists of metallic gray and light yellow graphics on the bonnet, black wheels and Six markings on the front. In this version, there is no wood on the center console in the cabin but the interior is in body color, the seats are slightly less ornate, but the yellow finish is retained.

Morgan Models

3 Wheeler is green in color and assumes many of the design elements mentioned above – black wheels and yellow body and cabin details.
All five cars can only be purchased from an exclusive Dutch showroom.

Morgan Models

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