Moschino Introduces Lighter-shaped Bag


When we talk about fashion, we can freely say that it follows a line that divides the world of art, design and trends…
The brand that manifests this to us with each of its collections in the best possible way is Moschino, which deals with all the aforementioned activities, with glamour and luxury of course. Their FW20 fashion show, which was held in a New York subway car, was accented by a Macro Lighter Bag, which only surprised us somewhat.

Moschino Macro Lighter

However, we are used to expecting the unexpected from the Moschino brand.
As you might have guessed, the bag was the center of attention and almost overshadowed all the other models presented. Its shape is created in the form of a faithful replica of the Bic lighter, and every detail of it is faithfully painted, and even the metal wheel that actually moves.

Moschino Macro Lighter

The body of the bag is made of leather, in blue and black, while its base is plastic.
Moschino Macro Lighter bag will give you the opportunity to leave an impression wherever you are, and it will cost you $2,170.

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