$30,000 Batmobile Desk Clock


Kross Studio has unveiled its premium collectible Batman desk clock as part of its upcoming partnership with Warner Bros.
Dedicated to the Dark Knight, this first joint edition pays homage to one of the most famous cars in comic book history: the Betmobile. Choosing an elegant model from a 1989 film directed by Tim Burton, Kross Studio created the first desk clock designed as a Batman vehicle.

Batmobile Desk Clock

Limited to only 100 pieces, Kross Studio managed to develop a top-notch custom movement, respecting the exact shape of the 1989 Batmobile. The clock consists of 512 components – 115 for the body and 397 for the mechanism itself, which is significantly more than traditional mechanisms, which usually have about 130 parts.

Batmobile Desk Clock

The body is made of black aluminum composite, with an air protective coating that protects the clock from bumps and scratches. Hours and minutes are displayed horizontally with two cylinders, while the vertical regulator is highlighted through a turbine at the front of the car.
This exclusive collector’s masterpiece was produced in a limited edition of 100 numbered pieces and is now available for $30,000.

Batmobile Desk Clock

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