The Most Decadent Cognac Of The Year – Legendaire


The Maison Ferrand Cognac Legendaire packaging, which was launched last month, was inspired by the brand’s headquarters in 19th-century France.
Legendaire Cognac is an extraordinarily rare Cognac and indeed a work of art. Before it is bottled, the precious Legendaire assemblage reposes in a zebra cask which works wonders in preserving the natural elegance of the eaux-de-vie. Pierre Ferrand Légendaire Cognac is a tribute to the prestigious craftsmanship, passed down through the family generations, meanwhile serving as an ode to time itself, and the time it takes to curate good quality Cognacs.


This special Cognac is an invitation to venture into the past with the generations of Ferrand who have paid homage to the terroir of Grande Champagne with their unparalleled Cognacs.
The house of Pierre Ferrand is located in the heart of the golden triangle of Grande Champagne Premier Cru de Cognac, in Segonzac. Therefore, preserving and expanding upon the savoir-faire inherited from ten successive generations is now well and truly embedded within the brands values. Meanwhile, the brand is driven to continue traditions meanwhile keeping the family’s prestigious reputation alive.
An awe-inspiring vessel. Legendaire is presented in a distinctive crystal decanter created by French crystal maker Waltersperger, nestled in a carved wood box evoking the front door of Mademoiselle Manor. Pierre Ferrand Lgendaire is a once in a lifetime experience for each and every one of those fortunate enough to own a bottle. The decanter and accompanying box presentation take you on a private journey through the fascinating 19th century Ferrand family manor which they view as a world of wonder frozen in time.


Even the keys to this exceptional case open the door to a true aesthetic, and then lead the way through a fascinating labyrinth of fabulously complex flavors.
Legendaire’s careful maturation in French oak lends it a “rare smoothness and complexity,” Ferrand says, imparting notes of clove, cardamom, pepper and paprika, “coated with the richness of buttered caramel, almond, vanilla and honey.” These then “evolve towards a fruitier profile of mandarin orange, blackberry and hawthorn, combined with notes of moss, cocoa and incense, accentuating the sensation of depth.”
Only 500 decanters are being offered globally, priced at $2,800 USD apiece.

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