Bizarre Night Tour In Mexico: Tourists Are Paying To Suffer Torment

Caminata Nocturna

In Mexico you can pay a bizarre night trip which is actually a simulation of illegal border crossing.
“Night Walk”, more precisely “Caminata Nocturna” is a night tour that leads tourists in an inaccessible terrain while fleeing from the border police firing at them (luckily, fake bullets). Sirens and fake drug cartel members also up the adrenaline.

Caminata Nocturna

For a a three-hour, or 12km, tourists run through the bushes, cross the rivers and streams, and meet with fake criminal groups and members of the narco-cartel.
A very stressful tour is organized in Parque EcoAlberto, a recreational park in Mexico that’s owned, operated and staffed by the Hñahñu Indians – an indigenous group whose population has been decimated due to its members heading north to cross the border.

Caminata Nocturna

More than 70 per cent of its community has emigrated to the US with the hope of a better life.
The aim of this tour is to raise awareness that illegal crossing of the border is not worth risking life for the sake of “a better future in the United States.”

Caminata Nocturna

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