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World’s First Internet-connected Electric Toothbrush by Kolibree

Kolibree's Connected Electric Toothbrush is Like Having a Personal Dentist in Your Phone

Electric toothbrush – one of the best innovation in past years! But it’s not the pinnacle. The French startup company – Kolibree has designed a tootbrush that will raise dental hygiene on the highest level. Introduced at CES 2014, in Las Vegas, this quirky gadget is actually the world’s first Internet-connected toothbrush which lets users […]

June – Smart Bracelet Which Tracks Your Sun Exposure

Sensorized bracelet tracks your sun exposure

In the sea of measuring devices, one stands out. It’s the first device which measures dangerous sun exposure. Created by mobile weather station maker Netatmo, this device is called June and is actually very stylish bracelet which has built-in sensors that sync with your iOS device and provide you with all kinds of information about […]

LaCie Sphere – New Hard Drive by LaCie That Looks Like Silver Plated Ball

LaCie unveils the 1TB Sphere, a classy and polished hard drive for the minimalist being

Following its successful collaboration with silversmithing company Christofle to produce a pebble-shaped USB key, LaCie is introducing a new Christofle-designed hard drive, the 1TB LaCie Sphere. Among several new products announced at CES 2014, LaCie‘s new handcrafted hard drive looks like silver-plated ball. France-based manufacturer of fine silverware, Christofle, added a touch of class to […]

Popular Stun Gun Smartphone Case Yellow Jacket Debuts New iPhone 5/5s Model

Smartphone Stun Gun Case by Yellow Jacket

First came the fun and often custom designed smart phone cases. Then came the extended battery life case which is actually world’s first stun gum smartphone case. Now, Baton-Rouge based Yellow Jacket goes step further with their new model – iPhone 5/5S case that also doubles as a stun gun, while boosting the battery life […]

Samsung’s Largest TV Goes On Sale

Samsung has began with selling its giant, ultra high resolution, 110-inch TV screen

Samsung has began with selling its giant, ultra high resolution, 110-inch TV screen. This model is the largest ever, and surpassed previous Samsung UHDTV with a diagonal of 85 inches. This model is already made ​​for some customers who have ordered it, and the price of this device the size of a large double bed, […]

BMW i8 Computerized Car Key

BMW has created for the model i8 a new kind of " key " with the display

BMW has created for the model i8 a new kind of ” key ” with the display, through which the user receives information relevant to driving the car with hybrid drive. Since the manufacturers have introduced a lock without a conventional key, and starting the engine by using the button, its design is significantly changed. […]

Monsieur – Intelligent Robotic Bartender Mixing 300 Cocktails in Your Home

Monsieur, the robotic bartender, mixes the perfect cocktail and learns from your choices

Monsieur is innovative intelligent robotic bartender that serves the perfect drink at the perfect time. At first glance it looks like dark wooden box, but Monsieur is your best friend who will prepair your favorite drink after tiring day at work. You just have to push the button, and it will make a cocktail that […]