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Frederick Remington’s The Outlaw No. 5 Sculpture Could Fetch $800,000 at Heritage Auctions

Frederic Remington's The Outlaw No. 5 may bring $800,000

Frederick Remington’s The Outlaw No. 5 sculpture could fetch $800,000 at Heritage Auctions’ Western and California Art Signature Auction in Dallas, on November 14th. One of only 15 casts produced by Remington, The Outlaw No. 5 reflects the artist’s obsessive attention to detail and fervent passion for the American cowboy. This cast which depicts a […]

Black Walnut & Stainless Steel Carving Set from Kaufmann Mercantile

The Story Behind Kaufmann Mercantile's Exclusive Black Walnut and White-Tailed Antler Carving Set

It’s just two-piece carving set, but beside its main function in the kitchen, it’s the piece of art. Kaufmann Mercantile’s Black Walnut & Stainless Steel Carving Set includes 15-inch stainless steel knife with upswept blade and 13-inch tined fork. The knife is strong enough to cut right through your Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas ham or any […]

Two New Andy Warhol-inspired Stroller Collection by Bugaboo


Bugaboo continues to unfold the authenticity, style and originality of Andy Warhol’s extraordinary legacy. Earlier this year, Bugaboo released an Andy Warhol strollers and accessories, and due to its popularity, the brand which has made a mark amongst the ‘high-life’ of wealthy parents has now added two new Warhol-inspired collection. The first collection is inspired […]

Rare Faberge Figurine Discovered in the Attic Sold for $5.2 Million

Figurine found in attic sells for $5 million

Ah, those attics and forgotten things in them which later reach incredible prices at auctions… First Group of Old Baseball Cards Found in Attic Brought $566,132; Cezanne’s Early Work Collected Dust In The Attic Could Be Worth £40 Million are some of the titles relating to the incredible secrets that are hidden in attics. Another […]

Enjoy Beautiful Views of Paris in Airship Paris’s Zeppelin

Hop Onboard the Helium-Inflated Zeppelin for a Bird's Eye View of Paris

The term zeppelin is especially associated with the German airships that conducted bombing raids during World War I; while it’s in fact the semi-rigid airships inflated with helium, manufactured by a particular company, the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin of Germany, which was founded by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. It made its first flight in 1997, when configured […]

John Mellencamp 1978-2012 – 19 CD Box Set

John Mellencamp 1978-2012 Box Set

John Mellancamp’s 35 – year career in a 19 CDs originally released will be offered on sale on December 10th as a uniquely comprehensive boxed set collection. The collection contains a total of 223 tracks will be released by Universal Music Enterprises (UMe). John Mellencamp 1978- 2012 box set, for the first time, includes all […]

MoviePass Card Allows You Unlimited Access to Movies

Movie Fanatics Rejoice: MoviePass Makes Binging on Flicks An Exclusive Affair

If you’re a truly fan of watching movies on the big screen, this MoviePass card will save your money and effort. As a MoviePass member, you can see as many movies in the theater as you want – unlimited 2D movies. All you have to pay monthly fee, starting from $29.99. When you sign up, […]