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New Shyrt Luggage Series by Porsche Design

The new Shyrt luggage series is offering great versatility combined with the luxury brand’s classic look. The series comprises bags in over 20 designs, and is characterised by straight lines and simple elegance. Each bag is initially being offered in a timeless black design made from exclusive leather and robust nylon. The purist series includes […]

Vanhawks Valour- World’s First Smart “Connected” Bicycle

Toronto-based brand Vanhawks introduces Valour for which claim to be the world’s “first smart, connected bicycle”. Beautifully designed and carbon fiber construction aside, the Vanhawks Valour incorporates some intelligent digital elements providing reliable and leisurely ride. The Valour uses Bluetooth to connect to the GPS on a smart phone, relaying turn-by-turn directions to the rider […]

Plains Quilled Hide War Shirt May Bring $40,000 at Heritage’s Auction

A Plains Quilled Hide War Shirt is expected to bring $40,000 at Heritage Auctions‘ American Indian and Tribal Art Signature sale, scheduled for May 16 in Dallas. The shirt once belonged to Sioux Chief Runs-The-Enemy, whose band of 132 warriors battled Custer’s men at the Battle of Little Big Horn. “I was very encouraged by […]

Mercedes Organizes Helicopter Transport For Their Customers

Mercedes is well known for its caring attitude towards their customers, and their newest offered service confirms that. The Australian owners of Mercedes, who traveling a lot, after they leave the car in service, will be able to be transported by helicopter to the airport and so avoid the crowds, and problems with parking. It […]

Would You Pay $400 for a Cuddle?

Today we’re living fast and stressful life and lot of people feel depressed and alone. Sometimes, all they need is cuddle. But would you pay $400 for one? Have you ever hear for professional cuddling? Yes, you see right, The Snuggle Buddies is an organization which offers its brand of “touch therapy” to clients along […]

Wolverine’s First Appearance Artwork Already Guaranteed to Set a New World Record

Wolverine‘s first appearance artwork already guaranteed to set a new world record when it crosses the block on May 16 as the centerpiece of Heritage Auctions’ Signature Comics & Comic Art auction. The original artwork from Wolverine’s first ever appearance in The Incredible Hulk #180, on the final page of the issue, Page 32, drawn […]

Luxury And Elegant Kitchens By Clive Christian

Every part of your home can reflect you, and what you are. Elegant and luxury kitchen are certainly part of the furniture, which should not be ignored, no matter how they cost. These luxurious and elegant kitchens, which are the work of Clive Christian, are something that you are not see every day. The company […]