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Inspirato for Business – Luxury Vacation Club Specifically for Businesses

Inspirato for Business

About month ago, luxury vacation club Inspirato made a successful partnership with American Express to to deliver the club’s unique vacation experiences under the new brand “Inspirato with American Express.” Now, the co-branded vacation club announces new product, aptly called “Inspirato for Business“, which allows companies to book luxury homes for corporate meetings, incentives and […]

Leonardo DiCaprio Puts His Most Cherished Artworks on the Auction Block for His Foundation

Mark Grotjahn Untitled (Standard Lotus No. II, Bird of Paradise, Tiger Mouth Face 44.01)

Leonardo DiCaprio is well known not just as famous actor but also as a man who supports the preservation of environment. He has been associated with the ’11th Hour’ cause made its own documentary to educate people about the hazards of environmental degradation. This time the 38-year-old, in partnership with Christie’s, will host “The 11th […]

Chess Sets by Piero Benzoni in Gold and Silver

Historical Gold and Silver Chess Sets by Piero Benzoni

Piero Benzoni has presented the exclusive and expensive chessmen and chess pieces of Historic and Artistic Collection. These luxury decorative chessmen chess pieces are available in sets for those who wish to stage their own historic battles and confrontations. These chess sets are gold plated and silver plated solid bronze. The sculptor signs each of […]

Airstream’s Land Yacht Ready for Production

Land Yacht Trailers by Airstream

Airstream Trailer Company was founded in 1936 and went on to become one of America’s most successful travel-trailer companies. Last year their came out with “insane” concept – Land Yacht travel trailer which now become reality. Designed in partnership with Mauro Micheli, the long-time designer for Riva Yachts, this new 28-foot travel trailer retains Airstream’s […]

Eisenstaedt’s Leica Camera from the Iconic ‘Kiss in Times Square’ Goes Under the Hammer

Alfred Eisenstaedt's Leica IIIa Rangefinder Camera

V-J Day in Times Square is a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt that portrays George Mendoca, an American sailor kissing Greta Friedman, a woman in a white dress on Victory over Japan Day (V-J Day) in Times Square, New York City, on August 14, 1945. The photograph was published a week later in Life magazine among […]

Bonham’s Offers American Fossils On Auction

Juvenile Tenontosaurus Tilletti Skeleton

On May 22, Bonhams will offer a distinguished collection of some of the finest natural history items, part of its spring 2013 Natural History auction in Los Angeles. There will be a selection of various fossils of dinosaurs, vertebrates and some from invertebrates. The dinosauria selection is highlighted by an exceptional juvenile Tenontosaurus tilletti skeleton […]

The Nexersys Boxing System

The Nexersys Boxing System

Train with pleasure with the new Nexersys Boxing System. It is a great alternative to a personal trainer when it comes to both boxing and MMA training. System comes in 3 main models, Home Model, Pro Model and Commercial Model with range of price from $3,000 and $7,000. The Nexersys Home is ideally suited for […]