Clock Which Uses Perfume To Tell Time

Es Liegt was in Der Luft

Another clock that in an unusual way tell the time. We have already talked about clock that uses hears to tell the time. This copper clock by German designer Patrick Palcic tells the time in more sophisticated way. His creation, the clock, named Es Liegt was in Der Luft – or There Is Something in the Air uses perfume for its purpose. “The olfactory clock allows the user to experience the passage of time in a different way: Instead of the time being read, as with other timepieces, it hangs in the air and is inhaled” says the artist.

Es Liegt was in Der Luft

The copper dish turns slowly, so that its perforations hit 12 o’clock at hourly intervals, triggering a drop of essence to be released.
The perfume trickles down the copper face, which is heated up to cause the scent to evaporate. It also it oxidises the metal, leaving lighter markings on the surface.
“From the uppermost hole, at 12 o’clock, the first liquid flows over the copper plate and leaves a trace on the surface,” the designer explained. “The shell heats up and the first essence floats in the air.”
“The expiration repeats itself an hour later, only the plate is advanced by a hole,” he continued. “The process starts from the beginning.”

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