Electric Suzuki Extrigger Concept

With a few concept cars, Suzuki will, at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, introduce two new concept models. One of them is the electric concept, Extrigger, with whom Japanese announce the arrival of a small two-wheelers similar to Honda Grom. Unlike Honda’s bikes, Suzuki’s study uses the services of the acquired electric scooter, e-Let, that Suzuki currently selling in Japan. That on itself does not have Suzuki’s label, we could easily think that comes from the Honda camp.

Electric Suzuki Extrigger Concept

This tiny electric two-wheelers is very similar to the Honda Grom. Although it looks more like a toy than a real two-wheelers, concept Extrigger is truly a motorcycle. The name comes from the Electric Cross (X) Over, and word Trigger. Does Suzuki planning to convert this study into the production copy, is not currently known, at least until the beginning of Tokyo Motor Show.

Electric Suzuki Extrigger Concept Electric Suzuki Extrigger Concept

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