Greubel Forsey Launches Exclusive $680,000 Watch

Quantieme Perpetuel a Equation

As a smart solution for the perpetual calendar, QP a Equation model now comes in rose gold with a chocolate color dial…
Greubel Forsey, a small independent Swiss watch brand known for its ultra-exclusive horological complications, has just unveiled a new version of the Quantieme Perpetuel a Equation watch, first introduced in 2015. The third iteration of this complex and inventive watch is now presented in a 5N red gold variant with a chocolate-rich dial. Previous versions include a white gold case with a rhodium dial, as well as a white gold model with an anthracite dial. The model features a whopping 624 components, with fifteen functions and a patented system for adjusting all mec

Quantieme Perpetuel a Equation

hanical options with the help of a single bi-directional crown, including a perpetual calendar.

Endlessly complicated, resetting the perpetual calendar can sometimes associate us with performing a surgical operation, even if those most trained horologists publish it. The clock cannot be stopped for any length of time without a hard reset, cycling through each day until the correct day, month and year. If this process is done wrong, it can damage the entire mechanism, which is certainly not wanted by any person who has spent a five-figure or six-figure sum to buy a watch. Therefore, most owners of such models do not make adjustments on their own, but leave it to the professionals.
Positioned between four and five o’clock, the linear calendar display of this new model is easy to read and easy to adjust. With the help of two small openings, located just above the 2 o’clock position, which can be activated with the help of a corona, users can easily adjust their calendar and the exact time.
With a 72-hour power reserve, with its special indicator located between positions 1 and 2 hours, the tourbillon rotates completely every 24 seconds at an angle of 25 degrees for better precision, a sub-count for seconds, along with a twenty-four hour indicator , an indicator of a leap year, this model is truly amazing.
If you turn the watch to the other side, you will also be able to see its most interesting complication – the time equation indicator.

Quantieme Perpetuel a Equation

While it is the least useful person for the average person trying to see the exact time the old-fashioned way, for horological enthusiasts obsessed with mechanical elements, it is the icing on the cake. The time equation shows apparent solar time, a calculation based on the apparent movement of the sun, as well as mean solar time, which is better known as the clock time. The blue line of the Fleur de Lis component crosses the scale at position ten, indicating that the apparent solar time is actually ten minutes behind the time of the hour, while the red part of the component points to the position ten minutes ahead.
Months of the perpetual calendar are represented on a multicolor ring surrounding the time indicator equation, and are represented by the first letter of its name. Between the months, there are four circles representing the winter and summer shorts and longs, with the equinoxes.
The model, whose body measures 43.5mm in diameter, is a true intellectual watchmaking exercise, coming in at $ 680,000. The watch is not created as a limited edition, but as a real treat for all fans, as the leaders of this brand say.

Quantieme Perpetuel a Equation

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