Hugh Thomas’ Orbis Shower Modul Enriches You with the Ultimate Relaxation

Hugh Thomas’ Orbis Shower
Hugh Thomas’ Orbis Shower

After the Glowing Bath by Melissa Sopel, we have yet another interesting entry from the Reece Bathroom Innovation Award 2010. It’s the Orbis Shower Module by Hugh Thomas, one of the professional finalists from the innovative product design competition. In a room no bigger than a closet, Orbis Shower Module drenches you completely in the world of shower. Designed to soak you in luxury, Hugh Thomas takes the bathing experience to a new level.

The module is capable of spewing water from sides as well as underneath, besides spraying from overhead. Its spray units at an angle of 180 degrees drench you from top to bottom. Its interior ceiling comes equipped with six multichips LED that creates a colorful environment, one would love to stay with. Luxury doesn’t stop here.

There are six multichip LEDs positioned on the interior ceiling of the module to soothe your senses with the colorful mood lighting. With a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, these LEDs can be programmed to perform either as task or as mood lighting. The best part is that you can mount the Orbis against a wall or use it as a freestanding unit.

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