Karlmann King Is The Most Expensive SUV In The World: Six Tons Of Luxury In Armor

Karlmann King

Over six tons of heavy fortress abounds with luxury under which it covers an almost refined truck base.
Nothing similar had been offered before. The project of the super-luxury and super-large SUV is signed by the Chinese ICT company behind which is big capital, but also a brilliant mind. Although the team reportedly counts more than 1,800 people, the idea is very simple, which is to hide the source by exaggerating it, but also the sense of offering a new toy for the rich. And for this SUV heavy wallet is a prerequisite because it starts two million dollars, and if the buyer plays with options and armor, the price is easily doubled.

Karlmann King

The idea sounds very tempting, even meaningful, but the problem could be the basis of the vehicle. It is made by Ford F-550, so in translation it does not promise the performance and smoothness of a decent built-in luxury. Not to mention that the base is 30 times cheaper than this wannabe stealth SUV.
Also, the choice of Ford’s 6.8-liter V10 engine with about 400 hp does not best fit the six-ton heavy tape of the width of the treadmill. Karlmann King can not withdraw more than 140 km/h.
However, inside is another story. Better than this can not be, which includes first-class materials, a huge 3D TV, a fridge, a Playstation 4, a coffee maker and plenty of gold and leather – all that should have a luxury cabin made in Chinese fashion.

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