Nissan GT-R for Usain Bolt

Nissan has delivered to Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, a specially designed sports copy of the GT-R. As a multiple winner of Olympic gold medals desired, the car was painted in golden color.

The world’s best athlete began his collaboration with Nissan to develop a special version of the GT-R in October 2012 years. The first copy of the car was offered in December on auction organized for charity.

Nissan has delivered to Usain Bolt, a specially designed sports copy of the GT-R

On this occasion they collected $187,100 for humanitarian foundation established by the athlete from Jamaica. The money is aimed for the education of poor children in his country. Nissan’s cooperation on this project was rounded by giving the Bolte the GT-R, which is identical copy like the one on the auction.

Famous athletes in addition to gold color choose specially designed alloy wheels, white color interior and a premium Bose audio system.

Nissan GT-R by Usain Bolt

Nissan GT-R by Usain Bolt

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