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1931 Bentley 4½ Liter Supercharged Le Mans At Bonhams

After more than half a century, the "Blower" Bentley Le Mans of Charles R.J. Noble comes to market

Bonhams will offer at its annual Quail Lodge auction in Carmel, one of the greatest vintage supercharged Bentleys in existence. Passionate racer and “Bentley Boy” Sir Henry “Tim” Birkin, conceived this car and create best racing Bentley by supercharging the existing 4½ liter model. To enable homologation of Birkin’s cars, 50 production examples were built […]

New Covers Of Harry Potter By Kazu Kibuishi

Harry Potter 15th Anniversary covers by Kazu Kibuishi

Very few people in the world who does not know who Harry Potter, but 15 years ago almost no one had heard of the young wizard. His story began 15 years ago, in England, where is published the first part of this incredibly successful literary series. The story, written by Joanne K. Rowling almost never […]

Kobe Bryant Memorabilia Sold For $433,531

Kobe Bryant’s Championship Ring Fetches Nearly $175,000 At Auction

As we previously announced about, Kobe Bryant Memorabilia on Auction, six lots of Kobe Bryant memorabilia now has been sold through Goldin Auctions in New Jersey for $433,531. The lots that commissioned by Kobe’s mother Pamela Bryant, first was blocked for the auction by Kobe Bryant. They have eventually agree that Goldin Auctions will donate […]

Canfora Sandals – The First Jeweled Sandals

Sandals Fit for the First Lady: From Jackie to Michelle

The boutique of Canfora was founded in 1946 by Amedeo, who created an amazing variety of sandals with hundreds of styles and an infinity of colors. Since then, Canfora of Capri has been outfitting elegant women in its handmade summer shoes made in exactly the same way as Amedeo Canfora did sixty years ago. The […]

Grade I-listed Bramshill House Police College on Sale by the Home Office for £25 Million

Home Office puts mansion with 329 bedrooms up for sale

Bramshill House, a Grade I-listed Jacobean country mansion and estate in northeast Hampshire in England, used to train the country’s top police officers has been put up for sale by the Home Office for £25 million ($38,13 million). This one of the largest and most important Jacobean mansions in England is set in a 250-acre […]

iWave Crystal Headphones with 6,500 Swarovski Crystals

iWave Crystal Headphones screams bling even without making any noise

iWave Crystal Headphones with Swarovski Crystals have even exceeded so popular CrystalRoc Fully Crystallized Dr. Dre Beats Headphones, adorned with 4.320 Swarovski crystals. Each pair of iWave latest amplified summer accessory required over 10 hours of labor and 6,500 hand-applied dazzling Swarovski crystals. They are available as a full-gold and orange crystals version. When talking […]

Fishing Trip From The Rockies To Los Cabos

$40,000 Fishing Trip: From the Rockies to Los Cabos

Why to fish at one place only, when with Rawah Ranch and Villas Del Mar in Los Cabos and with River to Sea package you can explore different waters and different places. For $42,720 per package you get private jet travel between the resorts as well as accommodations and activities for one week. At Villas […]