Scott Kay’s Cobalt Wedding Ring Collections Hand Sculpted from BioBlu 27, the World’s Superior Contemporary Metal

Scott Kay's Cobalt Wedding Ring Collections
Scott Kay's Cobalt Wedding Ring Collections

Jewelry designer Scott Kay is arguably the world’s most notable wedding ring designer, and when Tungsten Carbide wedding bands became so obviously unavailable to any jewelry manufacturer other than Frederick Goldman, he decided to search for an alternative. Along with the help of Carpenter Technology Corporation, a leader in the production of quality metal alloys, he developed a stunning product for the manufacture of contemporary wedding bands.

It is called BioBlu 27 and is a bright white Cobalt alloy for creating stunning wedding rings. The name BioBlu 27 refers to the biologic quality of the metal, the blu refers to the Cobalt color, and 27 is the number given to Cobalt on the atomic table. Scott Kay’s remarkable wedding band alloy is a blend of 65% Cobalt, 29% Chromium, and 6% molybdenum, and is so strong it must be cut with a diamond plated tool. The metal has superior strength, is resistant to corrosion and can be polished to a bright white, mirror-like shine.

Scott Kay is marketing the bands to men and has created seven collections that are meant to symbolize the traits most desirable in a groom-to-be like commitment, devotion and strength of character. While the new metal has proven to make virtually indestructible and utterly beautiful men and women’s wedding bands, SK Cobalt’s (or BioBlu 27) greatest benefit may be its price tag. Most rings sell for $250-$300 each.


[Source: SK Cobalt]

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