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Apple 1 Computer Handmade by Steve Jobs and Wozniack on Auction

Apple I Computer

The first personal computer model from Apple, who founders of the company Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak manually compiled is expected to fetch a price of nearly $389,525! The first computer developed by late Steve Jobs, the Apple 1, which first showed up with a price of $666, and still work flawlessly has lately shown […]

Drink Coffee With The Director Of Apple

Apple's CEO Tim Cook

One man paid incredible $600,000 to take a cup of coffee with Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. Bid is placed on online auction in order to raise funds for an organization that deals with human rights. Coffee with Apple chief executive, Tim Cook, will drink the person with the nickname “SMohsen” which today (April, 29th) offered $600,000 for […]

Volkswagen and Apple Presented The iBeetle

2014 Volkswagen iBeetle

The Volkswagen company presented at Auto Shanghai iBeetle concept. Volkswagen iBeetle is expected at the market next year and has been described as the world’s first car to feature the original, intuitive interface for the iPhone in collaboration with Apple. The model will be available as a coupe and convertible. The main characteristics will be […]

Apple’s TV Set Really Coming in November 2013?

Apple TV Set

The latest rumor that appeared in recent weeks about Apple’s expected entry into the TV market is exactly this: According to a prominent Apple analyst, Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray (the same guy who announced Apple’s TV for Christmas 2012) Apple will introduce the new TV in November 2013, just in time for next year’s […]

Apple’s New iMac – Thinner and Lighter Than Ever

New iMac

Apple unveils its redesigned iMac configuration. New device has received a stunning makeover with a new display and no optical drive and is now thinner and lighter than ever. Its aluminum and glass enclosure conceals high-performance technology, that can boasts with 40% less volume than its predecessor and is 80% thinner. It is just 5 […]