Kenoa Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort – Luxury Private Corner of Paradise in Brazil

Looking for luxury sanctuary with golden sand beaches and azure ocean waters? You must go to Brazil, where you’ll find one of the most luxurious natural resort – the
Kenoa Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort. Designed to satisfy the desires of privacy, tranquillity, luxury and comfort, Kenoa, a first wave eco-chic design resort is located in Barra de São Miguel, only 30 kilometres from Maceió.

Kenoa Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort

This private and peaceful corner of paradise, Kenoa offers accommodation in 10 Apoena Suites, decked with Egyptian cotton sheets and providing full views over the ocean, an Araxa Suite garnished with a traditional Japanese ofuro tub crafted from fragrant hand-planed cedar wood, 8 beachside Marajó villas, complete with private plunge pools, exterior showers and magnificent interior gardens, 3 Jaobi villas with direct access to the beach and Kenoa villa with its own heated infinity-edged plunge pool. Kaamo Restaurant is centrally situated within the resort with a magnetically attractive view of the Sea, where you can taste the creative local cuisine, prepared by the famous chef César Santos, while wine lovers can enjoy in the Kaamo Wine Bar. Lounge, built on a lookout terrace above Kenoa’s grounds, is so intimate place complete with comfortable plush couches and cushions and smooth ambiance music. The Kenoa spa with its rustic interiors offers all kind of relaxation complete with rituals, massages, exotic therapies based on spices and soothing shiseido treatments. Prices range from $1,170 for two nights in Apoena suite in low season to $4,670 for four nights in Kenoa villa in high season.

Oceanfront Brazil Hotel Kenoa Exclusive Resort & Spa Will Awaken Your Senses

Kenoa Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort

Brazil Won Record With World’s Tallest Lego Tower In Sao Paolo

Brazil Won Record With World's Tallest Lego Tower In Sao Paolo Brazil Won Record With World’s Tallest Lego Tower In Sao Paolo Brazil has just finished building the World’s Largest Lego Tower and thus broke the previous record set six months ago in Chile by 25 centimeters. Almost 6,000 participants, mostly kids, recently got together with a half-million Lego bricks to create a tower reaching more than 31.19m (102 feet) into the sky. The tower took four days to build. The Lego tower was built in the outside of ​​the Shopping Center Norte in Sao Paulo. Lego Denmark sent several experts to Brasil to help coordinate the tower construction. One of the designers Per Kjærgaard has helped construct towers in 20 different countires and another designer, Karsten Niebuhr, has helped build 10 different towers. This is a very interactive event where families take part, schools take part, explained Roberio Esteves, Lego’s director in Brazil. We promote teamwork in order to reach our main objective, which is to establish Brazil as the country that holds the record of the Lego tower.

Baldi-Harrod Luxurious Crystal Bathtub Redefine the Standards of Luxury

Harrods has always been at the forefront of supplying the world with luxurious items, but this crystal bathtub crafted by indulgent Italian company Baldi might just take the title of most extravagant. The unique Crystal Bathtub will be on display in the main window at Harrods, London for the entire month of July.
Baldi-Harrod Luxurious Crystal Bathtub

Baldi-Harrod Luxurious Crystal Bathtub

The admirable tub was previously showcased in Milan at I Saloni in April 2010. The tub is carved from a single enormous block of the purest white rock crystal quarried in the Amazon region of Brazil, and measures 2 meters in length and 55cm in height. The block was discovered in 2006, when Paolo Baldi heard of the existence of this ten-ton block of flawless crystal and had it extracted and transported to Italy intact.