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£10,000 The Opulence Hamper 2012 at Harrods – Limited Edition

The Opulence Hamper

At Harrods, everything related to Christmas come earlier. Santa Claus has even arrived in London on July 26th, to open the Harrods festive department. There, in “Christmas World” department could be seen its most expensive set of crackers – Crown Jewel Crackers worth £1,299 ($2,050). According to that, September is nearly final date for Harrods […]

Not Suited for Gaming – OreObject Sphere 2 Mouse

OreObject Sphere 2 Mouse

Following on from their previous mouse creation the SPHEREtouch, OreObject have this week unveiled their latest innovation in the form of the Sphere 2 Mouse. Sphere 2 is carved out of surgical grade stainless steel, the ultimate choice for luxury, durability, and health safety. Features and functionality are enhanced as well, with the introduction of 3-stage, on-the-fly […]

World’s Most Expensive Christmas Tree Worth $2 Million

World's Most Expensive Christmas Tree by Ginza Tanaka

Christmas holiday fever is spreading around the world, and while Olivia Wilde unveils the famous Swarovski star that will sit atop the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka was based on gold when it comes to this year’s festive season. Tokyo jeweler, known for its opulent creations and attention to detail, has created luxury and extravagant,  Gold […]

Transformers Ultimate Collection Signature Series Comes in Right Time for Christmas


Thanks to Nelson, the site admin of Michael Bay’s Official Shoot for the Edit forums has posted a few details of the Transformers Ultimate Collection Signature Series set that will be out in December. Each set is supposed to have a real film strip of the Transformers movie entrapped between plexiglass plates. The icing on the cake is […]

Bond No 9 Fragrance in Swarovski Studded Chandelier Amphora


Bond No 9 Chandelier Amphora Bond No.9 is well known for its range of Swarovski-studded, New York-centric perfumes. The latest from the brand for the upcoming holidays are presented in luxurious and precious flacons. The Chandelier Amphora features a bottle decked with faceted, chandelier-sized beads. The company apparently formed this idea thanks to the billion chandeliers […]

Louis Vuitton Cigar Case – Christmas Gift for a Cigar Afficionado


Louis Vuitton Cigar Case 150 You can always count on Louis Vuitton to give you a stylish and functional product. So in case you are on the look out to woo your dream man, then it’s time to think a little high class. We mean the Louis Vuitton Cigar Case.  Made of Mahogany with Macassar […]

Swarovski Studded Crystograph Bogner Ski Helmet Titan Edition

Crystograph Bogner Ski Helmet Titan Edition

Crystograph Bogner Ski Helmet Titan Edition If you’re looking to be in the center of attention everywhere this winter, even on ski slopes, this swarovski-studded Crystograph Bogner Ski Helmet Titan Edition might be the right gift for you this Christmas. The helmet has been transformed completely with the help of 20,000 Swarovski Crystals. Petria Kwon, […]