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Hennessy 250 Collector Blend

The French cognac house celebrates its 250th anniversary with the release of Hennessy 250 Collector Blend. At the price of $600 a bottle, the release of the blend is an ode to the Hennessy’s quarter millennium existence. As Kathy Chan, Hennessy’s ambassador in the U.S. said, “The highlight is not the bottle; it’s what’s inside […]

Borderies – Camus’ Exclusive Range

For over 150 years the house CAMUS weaves a historical link with the Borderies, the smallest and rarest vintage Cognac. This attachment, reinforced by successive acquisitions perpetuated by five generations of the family, make the Maison Camus, one of the largest owners in Borderies with 180 hectares planted with vines Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche […]

Martell Premier Voyage – Special Blend for 300th Anniversary

The oldest of the great cognac houses, Martell announced the launch of “Martell Premier Voyage” – special edition blend to mark their landmark 300th anniversary. Unique new precious cognac product containing 18 eaux-de-vie from Martell’s cellars is encased in a sculptural artwork designed by world-renowned French conceptual artist Bernar Venet. Venet’s timeless design comprises metal […]

CAMUS EXTRA “Dark & Intense”

15 years ago, CAMUS launched EXTRA Elegance – an ambitious Cognac in a contemporary design which left a permanent mark on Cognac history. Still among the leaders in a class of which it was one of the forerunners, today EXTRA takes the limits of audacity one step further and reveals its dark side with a […]

Martell’s New Assemblage Exclusif de 3 Millesimes Cognac

To celebrate brand’s 300th anniversary, the House of Martell has released the Martell Assemblage Exclusif de 3 Millesimes Cognac. A lavish new structure is unique blend of three exceptional eaux-de-vie; Grande Champagne, Fins Bois and Borderies, each one evokes a different period in the House’s history according to its aromatic profile. Grande Champagne: character. This […]

24-carat Gold Cognac Beaker by Puiforcat

What do you think about sipping your favorite Cognac from € 1,900 ($2,200) beaker? Designed for the most sophisticated connoisseurs, here is special Cognac snifter from Puiforcat. French luxury silversmith launched this Cognac snifter, designed by the young student Léo Dubreil who won a design competition organised by Puiforcat with this design. The exterior of […]

Et No 1 – New Limited Edition Cognac by Chapters of Ampersand

Et No 1 is the first expression of Chapters of Ampersand, the company with a burning passion to explore new combinations of art and taste and unite these for discerning and demanding individuals. A collaboration between Swedish Art Glass Crystal and the house of Tiffon Cognac, Et No 1 Cognac is a Grande Champagne blends […]