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    Perfect Breckenridge Vodka

    Breckenridge distillery is the highest in the world up at 9,600 feet! It is located in the Rocky Mountains and bring to us, not another boring neutral Vodka, but Breckenridge Vodka with snowmelt water used for ultimate flavor. Breckenridge Vodka is made from a base of 100% American grown corn. The drink is what a […] More

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    The Glenlivet Alpha – New Mystery Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

    The Glenlivet, the world’s No. 2 single malt Scotch whisky, has decided to spark our interests by launching The Glenlivet Alpha; a new, mystery expression released without cask information or tasting notes. This mystery Single Malt Scotch Whisky is packed in black bottle without declaration. Also, barrel tasting notes, or information not included in the […] More

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    A 50 Years Old Bottle Of Macallan Scotch Sold For $40.460

    The Macallan distillery is a single malt Scotch whisky distillery in Craigellachie, Moray. Single malt whisky is whisky distilled at a single distillery from water and malted barley but without the addition of any other cereals, and by batch distillation in pot stills. They own the title of the most expensive scotch in the world, […] More

  • Yamazaki 50 Year Old - Japan's Most Expensive Single Malt

    Yamazaki 50 Year Old – Japan’s Most Expensive Single Malt

    Suntory Holdings Ltd. which is one of the oldest wine brewing and distilling company in Japan has unveiled the 50 year old single malt cask in Yamazaki where the company first started its distillery in 1924. The Yamazaki 50 Year Old single malt is the most expensive whiskey in Japan and is launched in a limited […] More

  • BenRiach 1978 Firkin Cask Single Malt

    BenRiach 1978 Firkin Cask – Limited To Forty Bottles

    Speyside’s BenRiach Distillery has announced launching BenRiach 1978 Firkin Cask – its rarest, exclusive bottle ever. Limited to only forty  bottles, this exquisite 32 year old single malt will be available in September, but there has been no word on pricing as yet. The term Firkin was used in old times to refer to a cask that […] More

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    D’ Amalfi Limoncello Supreme Created By Stuart Hughes and Antica Distilleria Russo

    D’ Amalfi Limoncello Supreme Stuart Hughes, a modern day King Midas has taken extravagance to the next level by creating the world’s most expensive liquor, D’ Amalfi Limoncello Supreme for a staggering £27 million ($43.68 million). The liquor itself is from the Antica Distillery Russo of Italy, but its the bottle which is truly breath […] More

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    Glenmorangie Pride 1981 Whisky – Everything is All About the Taste

    Glenmorangie Pride 1981 For the whisky aficionado, Glenmorangie distillery in the Scottish Highlands has announce new limited release, the Pride 1981, which is its most rare and luxurious single malt offering to date. Only 1,000 bottles will be produced and each is to be sold at $3,600. The exceptional whisky was matured in the finest […] More

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    World’s Most Expensive And Oldest Whisky Launched By Master Of Malt

    Aisla T’Orten distiller A 105 Year Old Whisky, distilled in 1906. The world’s oldest whisky is 105 years old, distilled on 17 February 1906 at the Aisla T’Orten distillery in the Highlands. It is also world’s most expensive bottle of Scotch whisky ever released. British online spirits retailer, Master of Malt has launched this incredible […] More

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    Knotted Maple – Stunning Maple Syrup

    Tree Spirits Kotted Maple When we say maple syrup, usually first think on pancakes. Bruce Olson and Steve Buchsbaum came up with the idea to start distilling their own maple brandy. Initially they did not know if at all possible. We really don`t know how to call a spirit distilled from fermented maple syrup. It […] More

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    The Dalmore Rivers Collection – Whiskies for Fishing Enthusiasts

    The Dalmore Rivers Collection Scotland is known to fans of drinks for its world-famous single malt, and is also known to fishing lovers for its amazing rivers, which abound with Atlantic salmon. These two characteristics of Scotland can be found connected in the form of the Dalmore Rivers Collection. Master distiller Richard Paterson made a […] More

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    Rare Bottle of the 59 YO Dalmore EOS at the Viking Line’s Whisky Fair

    The Dalmore Eos 59-Year-Old Single Malt Viking Line’s annual Whisky Fair, a key event in the Nordic travel retail liquor calendar, begins today and runs over the weekend until 16 January on board the ferry group’s M/S Cinderella. Among the key attractions this year will be the Dalmore Eos, one of 20 worldwide, 59-Year-Old Single Malt. […] More

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